PSMWe present our website designed to help our domestic and international customers to get all the information trip to Peru and the world. Sac Turifax Our company works in the field of travel and tourism since its founding in 1990.

We are proud to be a tour operator specializing in customized travel to Peru and the World, and more, designed to meet your highest expectations..

Our professional staff possesses a broad and solid academic education supported by advanced technological systems which allows us to offer a unique, personalized and high quality service.

Our network of hotels, tourist guides, transport companies, tour operators, tourist information centers among others, is the best. With over 23 years of experience he is uniquely qualified to provide permanent assistance during their journey.


Our completely satisfied customers can certify it. Our commitment is to give one of the best experiences of your life.

Make your travel an unforgettable experience,
discovering great cultures, ancient histories, traditions and warmth of the people. We know how.

Traveling is dream and dream is to live

We all have dreams we long reach and, when we go after them, they can become an energy that will cause a great impact on our lives.

Dreams and feed our spirit when we specify provides us happiness and satisfaction. The detail is that when we follow our course so fast, do not give us time to reflect and connect with what you really yearn for. If we look at those who have given everything to fulfill your dreams, we understand that it is worth devoting daring and commitment to achieving them.


There are many dreams and illusions they are perceived. For us working in tourism, travel is something magical, unforgettable, are convinced that there is no more worthy cause in life that go after our dreams.

That’s why we invite you to take this journey in search of thinking in your expectations, in his affections; for a moment to connect with the things they are passionate about, to imagine specifying this great longing, we work every day so that our passengers have a memorable trip, and that way we feel as well made.


Gina Zuñiga

Turifax wish you a safe journey full of dreams to fulfill!